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It was at that point that John realised the danger involved and tried to stop. In one particularly upsetting conversation, a guy called Craig told me that it was a curse he couldn't shake. So why didn't they seek out a community to help educate and support them in their experiences? If you are interested in the world of fetishes, check out our NSFW section. He raises a salient point in that no one really knows they are going to pass out until they do The chances are that half of these teenagers have already watched it on porn anyway.

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My first experience was when I was six or seven, playing with a neighbour's son and a skipping rope.

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Autoerotic Self Asphyxiation

The only responsibility we have is to try to stop people dying. DanielGuy, an erotic writer, told me that he came to discover EA as a coping mechanism for his fear of the dark: "I used it to try and survive. I don't really remember who instigated what next but I remember being in the garage, stood on a box and he was tying the rope around my neck tight and then on to a hook. The police can't always tell us about it either, because often the ropes and plastic bags are swept under the carpet before they arrive by embarrassed family members.

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