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These less pointed passages would work fine if the jokes were funny but the weighted inconsistency of that success rate lets it down, rendering the majority of what comes after samey and ineffectual. Box imprint has been the primary source of these creator-owned works with titles like Lumberjanes , The Midas Flesh , and Teen Dog , and that lineup gets even stronger with Help Us! The three lead characters are all women, two of whom are people of color, and that kind of expanded diversity is one of the big reasons why Boom should make an even stronger commitment to new projects from voices that are eager to take those steps to make comics a more inclusive industry. In the first years of the new millennium DC published a handful of unexpected books, largely at the insistence of editor Joey Cavalieri. That series has also been reprinted by Fantagraphics, and is also worth tracking down. A riff on Jesus as a posturing, himbo surfer bro extends for too long into his reunion with a reluctant God, not best pleased to be encumbered with his bastard child for the rest of eternity.

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tumblr sexy comics

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If Marvel Drew Male Superheroes the Same Way It Draws Female Ones, Here's How Absurd It Would Look

However, the rest of the book feels somewhat flaccid. The rest is history: Sweatshop was even more of a rousing success than Yeah! Mel Bowling is a bitter old crank, a tireless worshipper of Rush Limbaugh, and a cartoonist far more likely to pick up a golf club than a pencil.

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