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During the course of this research, Dr Karsenty hypothesised that if fat regulates bone, bone in essence must control body fat. The experiment discovered that a rise in osteocalcin appeared to resolve both the problem of resistance to insulin and the decrease in insulin production. You can read more about the relationship between weight loss and Many scientists agree that obesity is accompanied by long-term, low-grade inflammation in which some immune cells are activated. Most commediennes would not be able to do an workout and a sketch on stage at the same time! Since the early s, scientists have noted than most cases of type 2 diabetes were preceded by inflammation in the body. However new, wide-ranging, studies are beginning to shed more light on the endocrine system and the role of hormones in diabetes.

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The other types of diabetes, which accounts for many diagnosed conditions, can result from specific genetic syndromes, surgical procedure, medication, malnutrition, infections, and other ailments.

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There is also mounting evidence that demonstrates that the immune system, the mind and the gut play much more significant roles in controlling glucose and lipid fat metabolic processes. This had the net effect of reducing the blood sugar levels in the body. As always, more research is required to prove findings and investigate the complex interactions between hormones, bones, inflammation and obesity. The consequence of this was to improve how mice secrete and use insulin, the hormone that allows the body to transfer glucose from the bloodstream into cells of the muscle and liver.

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