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overwatch zarya futa
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Zarya agreed to keep her secret. His signature Flashbang combo won't be as effective against you as weaker heroes, but it will still tear through considerable health. Aleksandra Zaryanova is one of the world's strongest women, a celebrated athlete who sacrificed personal glory to protect her family, friends, and country in a time of war. Don't get overly confident, though, as this while you'll be able to fend off attackers, your lowered health combined with your low mobility will make you easy prey. Hide behind corners and either try to flank her or have a more mobile ally deal with her. Instead, focus on gaining Energy from your other enemies, then use that power to attack the enemy Zarya.

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overwatch zarya futa

If you can spot him, try to time your Barrier right when he attacks to save yourself and gain some charge.

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Sombra also explained that she actually wanted Katya in power, as a 'friend' to help her peel back a global conspiracy she'd uncovered. In Sentry Configuration, Bastion can tear through your barriers instantly and kill your before you can get up to full charge. Junkrat's grenades can provide a decent amount of charge, although he will normally stay out of your primary fire's range.

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