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Her nipples stuck out a couple of inches due to the temperature change from taking her clothes off which accentuated her areoles which were around 2 inches across each, all the time my cock getting erect from the view mom was giving me. She then opened her thighs wide open giving me an unblocked view of between her legs then said. I opened the door ajar again and put my head around to see if mom was indeed stripping off, and she was. Luckily for me, that was about to change as I will now explain. Upon getting to the door, I put my weight behind it and then unlocked the door, then opened it slightly ajar, just enough so I could get my head around and look at mom who was half bent, hopping up and down with both of her hands between her thighs on her crotch. After finishing my drink, I took off my shoes then trundled upstairs into my bedroom and took off all my clothes, and then walked into the bathroom carrying my dirty linen which I then put into the wash basket, locked the door and started to fill the bath with hot water.

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Madalyn. Age: 20.
mom naked in bathroom

Despite the family living in close proximity to one another in a 3 bedroom house, We never saw each other naked, although I wished I had with mom.

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Brooke. Age: 26.
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I then got out of the bath, the sound of water dripping off me echoing around the bathroom. Luckily for me, that was about to change as I will now explain. Next Next post: Roadside fun.

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