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Several Dutch hosting companies will not voluntarily remove such content, insisting that a judge decide whether it meets the legal definition of so-called child pornography. The company has since ended its relationship with both websites. It was an epic battle, but can it be repeated? Records reviewed by The Times show that over seven years, the websites were directed to servers in over 20 countries, many of which are shown here. Shehan said, Cloudflare was well known to be used by those who post such content.

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The moderator would not address another pressing question: How had the sites managed to stay ahead of its pursuers so long?

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At least initially, the sites steered clear of imagery that was obviously illegal, the records show, focusing instead on photos and videos of young children posing in revealing clothing. The moderator of the sites in recent months boasted about the traffic in a series of emails and encrypted messages to The New York Times, attributing the popularity to the extreme content. Separately, records kept by the Canadian hotline, known as the Canadian Center for Child Protection, showed that since February there had been over , reports about 1, sites protected by Cloudflare.

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