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carol cox boobpedia
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Flat nipples have the ability to turn into "normal" nipples when breastfeeding draws them out. Grade 3 These nipples are severely retracted into the areola, meaning they cannot be pulled out through physical manipulation, and typically require surgery in order to protrude. Flat nipples will protrude, albeit less so than "normal" nipples, upon stimulation, temperature changes and arousal. Breastfeeding is possible with Grade 2 nipples, but will present problems. Kind of like boobs are winking at you.

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Grade 1 These nipples can occasionally become everted from arousal, temperature changes, and stimulation.

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First Previous 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Next Last. However, Grade 2 nipples retract back into the areola after finger pressure is released. Don't know, I got the pic from google images and it already had the cakes

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