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As Bree's body relaxed as Kaz massaged her, the handsome teen ran his hand up the sides of Bree's body, moving them up until he reached her breasts and began to lightly touch them for a bit. The super-powered teen ran his hands up and down on Bree's legs, feeling how silky smooth they were and rubbed her inner thighs to tease her for a bit. But I mostly want to talk about the pig. After doing sit-ups, Kaz got up from the floor and decided to go down to Mission Command to train with Oliver, Skylar and Chase. Bree gets a little payback on Kaz during a hot day. This isn't dirty talking, Kaz.

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While sunbathing out on the patio, Bree has a little fun with Kaz.

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Back from the Future

It was a hot Thursday afternoon in Centium City. Besides, we have a thing for each other because we keep bickering. Noticing that he did that, Kaz pulls out and starts shooting a bit of his load all over the bionic girl's breasts after Bree released her own moan as Kaz fired his load. I'll tell everybody in this whole building that you're a fun killer.

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