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This was main character and actor, Don Adams as Maxwell Smart. Quite a number of actors who appeared in the original Get Smart TV series did not appear in this movie even though many were still alive. Two of the villains in this spy spoof feature character traits suggestive of the James Bond series. This was the first ever 'Get Smart' movie. I kept saying to them, 'Well, why did you buy it?

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A couturier, a foppish man with an insane fiendish desire to control the world, not for the power and money but for the idea that he could dress every single individual and become an international name.

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As was Vittorio Gassman as the flamboyant, possibly homosexual designer. Bobby Porter plays a clone of Max but is shorter, and his name is Mini-Max. Ironically, though this movie is titled "The Nude Bomb", Kristel is never seen nude nor even partially naked. Some of the regular story elements from the Get Smart TV series were incorporated into this movie such as the shoe phone and cone of silence but this movie does not utilize the series' type of opening credit sequence nor original theme music.

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