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inspector gadget cartoon penny
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The geographic location of each episode differed, however, and provided for some variety in the series. The three developed the project for DIC Audiovisuel. Repeats of the series briefly appeared on CBS 's Saturday morning cartoon lineup from Levy also had a range of other musical cues for each character, as well as cues for the various moods of the scenes. Many of the background music cues were a variation of the Gadget melody. Cat, and Brain were voiced by Frank Welker.

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inspector gadget cartoon penny

As conceived by Andy Heyward , from Inspector Gadget's view of the world, the sun is always shining.

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10 Reasons Penny’s Watch From "Inspector Gadget" Was Way Cooler Than The Apple Watch

Due to the secrecy of her activities, she never receives credit for them and only her dog is aware of them. The release contains the show's pilot Winter Olympics alongside the first two episodes of the series, which are "Monster Lake" and "Down on the Farm". While Penny remains in contact with Brain during her investigation, she is often placed in danger and either escapes by recalling Brain to help, or using her own technology.

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