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During the argument, the owner picks up a baseball bat, which Foster wrestles from him and uses to destroy merchandise. Foster again calls Beth and tells her that he is close. Foster complains about how he cut his hand on barbed wire trying to pass through the golf course. Wolfe suggested that Rupert Murdoch would "go on to bottle that fury and package it as patriotism" in creating Fox News. In an interview less than a week before Falling Down ' s release, screenwriter Ebbe Roe Smith gave his interpretation of what the movie was about. Schumacher could have exploited those tabloid headlines about solid citizens going berserk.

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Studio, in Burbank , as the riots continued.

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In , Tasha Robinson of The A. Wikiquote has quotations related to: Falling Down. After trying to reassure the frightened employees and customers he won't hurt anyone, he relents and orders lunch instead, but complains when the unappetizing burger looks nothing like the one shown on the menu. But there is no exhilaration in his rampage, no release.

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