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elsa and anna sex fanfiction
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Rapunzel started slowly grinding with her hips, and then gradually got faster. She and Elsa had done it countless times, before they both decided to try "new things" like bondage. Rapunzel saw that Anna had taken off her bra and panties and now had something strange strapped to her pelvis. With this sudden surge of emotional strength, Rapunzel felt the courage she had needed in order to do what she had come to Arendelle to do: seduce Princess Anna. He was always really fast, from start to finish. She was shoved forward a bit by Anna's roughness, and poor Elsa was finding it difficult to hold on to Rapunzel's breasts when she was being moved around so much. Anna played with her braids a bit- twisting them around each other in her boredom.

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Anna bit her lip as a reaction.

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Anna let go of little Rapunzel's hair, and then shoved her head down with a crisp flick of her hand. Anna sat right on the edge of the bed and patted in between her legs, signalling Rapunzel to sit on her lap. It was the same color as Anna's skin and almost looked like a… dick? The soft hand then began to move slowly down the front of her shoulder to her breast, and cupped it slightly.

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