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Maybe a children s lymrick or something obvious that would never be used in a porn. Because the performers would have felt free to turn him in, the cameramen would have stopped him, etc. Oh, and also, Khan Tusion is a mean spirited and spiteful little prick who is a revolting human being. It crossed it so obviously. Not, uh, everything in life. This is the sort of thing that causes legislation against pornography. This is the sort of thing that porn producers should stand up against.

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But given the controversy surrounding such a company, and the fact that so many people have such positive experiences working for kink.

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Porn, degradation, and Khan Tusion

This was like him strangling me in a bathroom somewhere. I am not even sure if he is human. Khan uses a very strict contract, and the girls are all but locked in by the time they set foot on the set. All I have to say: People do some weird shit for money.

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