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This is basically woman-on-top, but if you hook your legs over the chair arms, your legs will be extra-open, switching up the angle for you. Interrupt his regularly scheduled programming caution: you must choose v. You won't have the usual leverage you do when you're on your knees, so use a combination of upper thigh muscles, pulling yourself up on his shoulders and having him guide your hips with his hands. Here are five new variations to try with whatever time you've got. Late in the night, pull him into the restroom and let him reach up your skirt Yes, you are wearing a skirt. You'll be done before they go to commercial.

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Jessie. Age: 23.
homemade quickies

Then, invite him in to join in, working your way 'til you're between his legs, lathering up his junk with your hands.

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Kathleen. Age: 27.
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Wake him up with the feel of your mouth between his legs, kissing, licking, and sucking. Once he's well awake, climb on him and start riding him. Guide his hand to where you need it or use your own hand.

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