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It's fine if you take a couple tugs to get this right. Either stand with your legs together in a feminine stance with one ball on the foot knee pointing in, or go for a stronger stance with your legs sexily spread apart with your weight slightly to one side. With enough effort, even buttoned shirts can come off, but avoid hurting your teeth on metal zippers. Cross-dressing in the other gender's clothing can be sexy, whether or not it's your preferred style. Take off a big jacket or a trench coat. You may have to remove tighter underpants yourself.

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girls takeing off clothes

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Acting a little silly at the beginning is fine if it makes you comfortable, but stay focused and your audience will get more and more excited as the show goes on. Distract your partner by making out, while you unbutton or unzip his pants and pull them down. If you decide to try it, keep in mind that your body shape may alter the effect of some of these moves. This probably won't work on women's trousers, since they tend to be more difficult to remove.

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