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Borrow the stance and lean over, bending your knees. If your lover has back problems, try a door sex swing set like the one below—it will ease the weight even more than just a normal sex swing. Your hands are bound above your head while your partner kneels on the ground before you, leaving you helpless to do anything but succumb to the very good things they are doing with their mouth. If you want something to stick in the shower, try this suction foot rest. Try a wearable harness that supports the weight of another person. If you're feeling a little bondagey, which is not a word but totally a real thing, invest in a pair of over-the-door restraints.

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The penetrating partner can then stand between their legs and enter them with lots of opportunity for kissing.

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Perch your ass on the very edge of a counter or dresser top. Not quite the spontaneous up-against-the-wall-have-me-right-now now vibe that makes standing sex so sexy, but if you're willing to take a few moments to arrange yourselves, this will give you deep penetration and perfect internal stimulation. If you're not trying to go all out, this still works if you just hold on to the doorknob.

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