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Please give now to support our work. Others said that soldiers had refused to wear condoms, passing on sexually transmitted infections. They have also raped or otherwise sexually assaulted women who were seeking medical assistance or water at AMISOM bases. Years of conflict and famine in Somalia have displaced tens of thousands of women and girls from their communities, and from their family and clan support networks. Human Rights Watch interviewed 21 women and girls who described being raped or sexually exploited by Ugandan or Burundian military personnel serving with the AU forces. Your tax deductible gift can help stop human rights violations and save lives around the world.

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However, more should be done to ensure that these efforts provide justice for victims, Human Rights Watch said.

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Somalia: Sexual Abuse by African Union Soldiers

The AU force, along with the UN and the Somali government, should adopt measures to prevent sexual exploitation and abuse while creating an environment in which women can come forward and report abuses. It explicitly prohibits peacekeepers from exchanging any money, goods, or services for sex. A Somali interpreter told her to follow two Burundian soldiers to get medicine.

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