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As her sunglow eyes turned away, her dark hair arched behind her like a flash of nightfall. Eyes closing, Angela sighed again. Angela's eyes narrowed, and she glared at her hands. Amelie turned around as Angela stepped away, so fast that for a moment there was less than half a meter between their faces. Then she used the tie to do up the taller womans much darker, much longer hair. She ran her fingers slowly over the woman's skin, over the lithe, powerful muscles on the woman's neck, and she noticed that Amelie's shoulders relaxed and the woman's breath slowed.

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Alessandra. Age: 21.
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Long and slow, warm breath pushing her blond bangs from her eyes, she let her eyes close simply stood there in the hallway.

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Giovanna. Age: 25.
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Angela completed her step, however, almost pushed back by some pressure between them. I'm here to take care of you. Still no complaint, as Angela pressed her fingertips on either side of Amelie's spine and moved them back up, wrinkling her shirt.

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