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In general, Latin women like dressing to accent their figure. Saenz is, for a lack of a better word or more political correct term, an attention whore plain and simple. Mine was also erased, probably for being on topic instead of just making a stupid comment about her body. Other than questionable attire for a professional reporter, she does not come across as a complete idiot. I hate chicks that dress like prostitutes and then complain when guys check them out and hit on them!

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Summer. Age: 31.
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She creates a stir no matter where she is!

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Rivka. Age: 28.
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Ines Sainz creates a stir at Super Bowl Media Day

Now I know its an obvious point, but thats how it works. Find some way to link it to the Jets — check. She loves me… just does not know it yet. What is used every advertising agency is the world…..

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