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gorilla tarzan gif
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Jane and her father are excited to mingle with the gorillas. During this time, he's starting to fall in love with Jane Strangers Like Me. Tarzan appears as a party member in the first Kingdom Hearts game. However, they weren't exactly slow, as one of them manages to grab him from his ankle and leave him hanging from the mast. One of her gloves fly towards him, which only made him more depressed.

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gorilla tarzan gif

Tarzan's brown hair is styled in long dreadlocks.

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Gorilla Tarzan GIFs

Although he refuses to lead the explorers to the gorilla nest, concerned about their safety. Tarzan moves toward a near-death Kerchak, whom telling him that he'll now lead the pack. Tarzan seems to be able to tell that Clayton is no longer human, and expresses his discovery immediately before the fight. After being rescued, he returns to wear his usual clothes, rescues the gorilla pack and defeats Clayton's men, with the help of some more animals he summoned to help him in the rescue; including Terk and Tantor and Jane and her father.

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