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Firstly, the higher the intensity of the exercise, the faster your body will use up its reserves of stored carbohydrate glycogen and switch to burning fat. Try holding a crunch with your legs up for 1min for example. Plan your weekly sessions in advance, mark the times in your diary, and if you cannot make a session, re-plan it straight away. However, you will be torching calories for two to three days following a weight training session. Engaging these deeper muscles as often as possible, especially while exercising, will lead to a tighter mid-section, a more stable trunk, and will even help you generate more force and lift heavier weights.

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gay men abs

And even better, training with weights at a high intensity will burn fat after five to 10 minutes.

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Why are gay men so obsessed with abs?

Not only will it boost your metabolism, but by adding some muscle to your frame, you will also burn more calories at rest. As with anything in life, they key to success is consistency and preparation. Think of it for a second — which exercise requires more core strength: the leg press or the squat? This includes anything from grain and cereals, such as bread, pasta or rice.

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