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If interests have been aroused, keep your wallet in your pants. Bondara is leading the charge to create adult activity trackers. So far its inability to handle slippery floors and twisting motions and its 3-hour battery life have been the top complaints. It pairs via Bluetooth to your smartphone and gives you the stats on how you stacked up during coitus, and you can even share your results over social media. Ubeam is working on developing a wireless electricity transmitter that will beam power directly to your devices. We may be able to wirelessly charge our devices from across the room through ultrasound.

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Exoskeletons typically belong to science and science fiction.

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The folks at Motopeds have developed the bike for any end-of-the-world needs. Exoskeletons typically belong to science and science fiction. The uBeam needs to be plugged into an outlet, but can transmit electricity to a device so long as it has a line of sight.

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