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I had met Blake on the last Atlantis cruise I was on, but there was just so much dick flying around we never got a chance to swap fluids. I am such a happy otter when Ryan Powers visits here in Fort Lauderdale. I gotta send some love to The Boner Guide for this one folks. And then, the universe decided it had to see us fuck because no more than two weeks later I was in San Fransisco visiting my buddy Nick, creeping on social media, when I saw that Leo just happened to be visiting the same city from the UK. Long story short, The Boner Guide sent out a tweet saying that it would be so hot if me and Leo Rex did a scene together. And fortunately Leon Fox was up for the task to help break me back into the bottoming game. Well, after taking a closer look at the footage it finally hit me, this footage was from first time me and Chandler ever got naked in front of a camera together.

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Charlee. Age: 31.
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Im shitty with who's who in the "industry" so I'm not as privy to who's fresh meat as I used to be, but I'm so thankful this dude was put on my radar.

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Jaliyah. Age: 32.
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Well, thats been my case for the past year with this sexy tatted otter guy, Gustav…until last week! And Blake uncontrollably pisses when he gets fucked, so that was a nice treat. So attention all viewers, tell me about your fantasy pairings and what you want to see, it gets me off getting you guys off, so send in them requests!

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