Baby fever tumblr

baby fever tumblr
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We reviewed so many big weeks on Tumblr. Ooh, here's something; Imagine Arthur coming home still in his clown makeup and the baby looks scared and doesn't recognize him because his face looks so different? Skksksk a slightly sad and slightly funny scenario. Within a few days you brought home another plush, which you gave to the baby. Arthur saw the new plush and smiled gently. You close your eyes and nod, lifting your arms as he pulls the fabric off you. He hums on your skin as he goes lower, kissing all over your stomach and your insecurities.

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He grins when you follow, your lips chasing his.

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Where do you see yourself in five years?

Arthur is kissing and hugging you both, saying "You're the most precious things in the whole world for me". Also this was my 2,th post! I like the jealous idea too. You knew how much that plush had meant to him, and how much he had loved to cuddle it.

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