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Just click "Next" below: Next. Apparently fed up with Jenelle's trash talk and implied jabs at his sexual performance, Herb clapped back and threatened to release a video featuring a "stepped on Hot Pocket. Herb lives in Boston, and you probably don't need to consult a map to know that's quite a long way away from Nashville. To be fair, everything we've heard about Herb indicates that he's a horrible person. We have video chat sessions a lot, which is very helpful. Anyone who's seen Herb's many offensive social media posts knows that he fancies himself a real "edgelord" type who traffics in envelope-pushing "humor.

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Herb Wilkinson: I Have Jenelle Evans' Sex Tape and I WILL Release It!

Sounds like Jenelle's life is really on the upswing, right? Asked what happened during said fan banging, Evans informed her followers that she wasted her money on an "arrogant douchebag. In case you missed it, Jenelle began a relationship with Herb shortly after she moved to Nashville to get away from David Eason. After spending 20 minutes informing fans that everything in her life is hunky-dory, Evans abruptly turned on her ex.

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