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quest failed all scenes
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Chapter One will even be receiving a big free update very soon, which adds a new h-scene and a whole bunch of extra things! But decided to include them in the v 1. It does bear some similarities to MGQ. I'm glad you felt it was worth the purchase and I really appreciate you spreading the word. Right now, I'm planning to buy your game or not, and because of this choice I have a question. OK well I could ask more but I inadvertently wrote far to much already, if you got this far thank you for reading and I look forward to possibly hearing your thought on.. Though it's unbeatable in terms of content, I really like your approach of having far fewer monster girls, but ones with proper personalities and impact on the story.

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I confess that I particulary love Jilly..

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Quest Failed - Chapter One

Though if you need further help I can give you the solution! I played chapter 1 like phew days after it came out on nutaku and i just LOVE the game and waiting for chapter 2. It'll be tough to try and balance between them! I can't say much regarding Matt, though your theories are certainly unique, haha.

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