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We saw the ribbon of wine land from head-to-heels on the back of another "district head," who conveniently happened to be wearing a cream-colored, khaki suit. That's what corporate ppl get for wearing Mervyn's khakis haha. In fact, I've already been tagged, so look forward to my response to another meme, soon! Anyway, i giggled while reading the story, it may happen to anybody. Also, since I am posting, I'll just let everyone know that I am calling " time in " again. Well, that night was a disaster. Either way, I haven't lost my job yet, and that is a great thing!

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Jayla. Age: 24.
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I'm usually the "person" that you don't tell!

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Aubriella. Age: 30.
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Thanks for listening to my "embarassment of the week. For some reason, huge peppercorns are magnetically attracted to the gap between my two front teeth Thus, if you have a meme and would like to tag me, feel free.

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