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tumblr gay mormon
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If something happens tomorrow and I get hit by a bus or I feel like God releases me from being a member, I can leave satisfied. Being gay complicates church for me. I am proud that this is the 8th year the youth of my stake have known a gay member of the church. They should get to know my story before wishing it on someone else. Questions that have simple answers for others are complex for me. While meeting with the psychologist, I was diagnosed with social anxiety disorder and we also worked on my low self esteem. I spent those years wishing a bus would hit me or a major disease would strike.

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Emmaline. Age: 25.
tumblr gay mormon

Last year I read a letter Jane Manning James wrote to a prophet about why she felt the priesthood ban should be done away with.

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Salma. Age: 25.
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I wish there was some guidance about the purpose of my life and the path for me as a queer person. That post went viral, receiving over , hits mostly from Facebook people linking to it. Reading your post about everything you have done in the past few years made me very emotional. I also started blogging more and try to help people develop a new framework on how to see their lives.

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