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According to local NBC News Channel 2 , the images included rape by multiple men, bondage, and oral and anal sex. Some results were especially outrageous, like many GIFs of a women lifting up her shirt. Tumblr faced a similar issue in , causing concern among advocates who wanted to foster a discussion of the issue, not simply glorify it. Since announcing the NSFW ban, Tumblr and its parent company Verizon have faced harsh criticism for the performance of its image recognition algorithms. But it appears that the company also has an epidemic of false negatives—allowing an abundance of porn to slide through on an hourly basis.

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Apple has not yet responded to our request for comment.

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Not for banned content but false positives—overzealously flagging things like a melon, raw chicken, or bulbous rocks as forbidden content at least into January, according to a CNN report. Events Innovation Festival The Grill. This article has been updated. The App Store ban was specifically predicated on the presence of child pornography—not images of adults—on Tumblr.

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