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monster girl quest erubetie
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The Four Heavenly Knights are four insanely powerful monsters, only bested by the Monster Lord w hen looking at fighting strength and are usually considered leaders or powerful figures in their respective races. Of course, you could basically offer it up in exchange for various "services" instead Now, if you were a travelling mercenary that disliked humans and dropped in to give the slimes at Undyne's Spring a little treat every now and then, make sure the water's clean, befriend a bunch of slime-type monsters I do plan on doing the other four at some point, as well as Alice I mean come on, why settle for the one monster waifu when she can become 10?

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Selena. Age: 32.
monster girl quest erubetie

I'm aware the metallic maps aren't done very well, since i'd made them look fine from one direction but now I realise from behind it produces big, dark areas; i'll be uploading some alternative maps here shortly for a less severe effect.

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Ada. Age: 26.
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Monster Girl Quest - Erubetie for XPS

I do plan on doing the other four at some point, as well as Alice As for the metallic maps, in XPS, i've mostly forgot I can't really help since at the time i'd reverse engineered how to do it from another model with metallic maps

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