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girl gives road head
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When I put out a call for road head stories, I initially got radio silence. He was a Minnesota pure-breed. I want to say that it was a surreal moment, realizing that I had just seen another woman doing the exact same thing, but then the light changed and the man drove off. The woman and I look at each other for a moment while my then-boyfriend and the other man are looking at each other. The last time I gave road head I was in my early 20s. I used to give road head to my first high school boyfriend all the time—speeding down the highways in his mom's BMW M3. I pulled the driver's seat of the car way back, pulled myself out of my jeans, and he began.

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Emelia. Age: 32.
girl gives road head

When I was 16, I started dating a senior who was tall, had shaggy blonde hair a "skater cut" , and blue eyes.

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Delaney. Age: 28.
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College Girl Gives Road Head

Our short-lived relationship mostly consisted of driving around, smoking pot, and fooling around in the back seat or in his room. It probably would have been less scarring to rear end whoever was in front of us. I'm playing it cool, watching what I'm doing, and about another mile down the road, the most terrible thing I can imagine happening at the time happens. Growing up in the Midwest lends itself to it; we would any old time.

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