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Kirishima shuddered at the sensation. You knew the other girls had showered after their workouts at the gym, you were always left alone at this hour which is why you enjoyed taking your evening shower back at the dorms. Kirishima managed to get another one inside you as he began to scissor them, trying to prepare you for his girth. Moving a hand down to palm the growing bulge in his pants, Kirishima let his eyes drift towards the crotch of your panties. His fingers moved to thumb the patch, it still slightly wet.

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Emmy. Age: 22.
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You knew he was watching you for weeks, and you let him?

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Ryan. Age: 24.
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See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

He continued to press sloppy kisses against your clit as he curled his fingers inside you, searching for that spot inside you he knew would drive you wild. You were so close to your release. You want everyone to see how good I fuck you? Kirishima was already failing a bunch of classes, having to convince Bakugou to help him study, but really he blamed you.

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