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We lay in silence, the traffic below a soundtrack to my erratic and somewhat erotic thoughts. Her sinewy limbs are flung across the seat, her head resting on her right forearm. They barely acknowledge my departure. I breathe louder to feign sleep and after a minute risk a peek. I was enjoying this as much as I'd ever enjoyed any snog.

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Katelynn. Age: 23.
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Her lips find the velvety softness of my earlobe, her lips discover the contours of my neck, thin skin stretched across tendons.

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Leyla. Age: 31.
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A Smokin' Hot One-Night Stand Made Me Confront My Bisexuality

She staggers to the toilet and immediately begins retching. As I help her stand, moonbeams trickle across her body like water bathing her back in gentle, white light. When the heaving finally subsides I wait a moment.

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